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The City of Brush! offers recycling to our community! The drop off location is just south of the Post Office on Carson Street. We have bins available for cardboard, single stream, and electronics.

For the cardboard we ask that you please flatten the boxes, and no wax coated cardboard.

Single Stream basically means you don't have to sort it. There are restrictions on what you can and cannot recycle in single stream. Refer to the Single Stream Flyer located on the right of the page for what is accepted and unacceptable.

Electronics recycling is also available. Due to the excess of electronics in landfills, the growing concerns, regulations and fines involved in doing so, Goodwill has partnered with the state and made available the proper disposal of electronics. All electronics, with the exception of tube televisions, are accepted at Goodwill, located in Fort Morgan at 110 W Platte Ave.

For tube type tv's, take those directly to the landfill for appropriate disposal. The fines involved for electronics in landfills are much larger than the cost to properly discard them, so the County has partnered with Goodwill Industries in the necessary process of the disposal of those tv's to help absorb some of the cost, and collect them at the landfill drop-off location. Below are the disposal fees for CRT televisions and monitors.

  • Less than 24" - $15.00
  • 24" through 39" - $35.00
  • 40" and greater and consoles - $50.00

The landfill is located at 21448 County Rd. 22, open M-F at 8am.