Downtown New Business Incentives

The Downtown Brush New Business Incentive Program is given to encourage the establishment of new businesses within Downtown Brush through assisting new, relocating, or expanding businesses.

Download the application here.

Targeted Industries include but are not limited to: The Downtown Brush New Business Incentive Program provides the following options:

  • Rent subsidies of up to one-third of the business's monthly rent, not exceeding $500 per month, for the first three months of a minimum 1 year lease.
  • City utility costs, not exceeding $125 per month, are covered for the first year
  • advertising costs for the newspaper, radio, and other approved methods, up to $1500
  • Combine different incentives, total must not exceed $1500. i.e. $1000 of advertising costs and $500 toward City utility costs
To qualify for the Downtown Brush New Business Incentive Program you must meet the following criteria:

  • A new business in Downtown Brush (Downtown being qualified as Edison St. in the 300 and 400 blocks, or on Clayton St., in the 100 and 200 blocks, or on the west side of Colorado Avenue in the 100 and 200 blocks; new being qualified as relocating from another city, opening an additional location of an existing business, starting a new business)
  • Properly licensed
  • Qualify as a targeted business
  • Application approved by the designated staff of the City of Brush
Targeted businesses for Downtown Brush:

  • New retail not currently provided downtown
  • New service not currently provided downtown

A business that offers the same goods or service that is currently offered by a business downtown will not qualify for the incentive program. Due to restricted funds, The City of Brush limits the number of recipients of the Downtown Brush New Business Incentive Program to four per calendar year. Funds granted will be given on a reimbursement basis.