Facade Grant

Façade Enhancement Grant Program Description

 Façade Enhancement Grant Program Guidelines and Application

Before submitting an application, please read the guidelines carefully. Guidelines are included within the link above or below for your convenience.

The City of Brush! Community Development Department and Historic Preservation Board, in partnership with the Brush Area Chamber of Commerce Design Committee, in their continuing effort to support the development of local small commercial and retail businesses facilitate the Façade Enhancement Grant Program for all business owners and operators within the City limits. The following outlines the details of The City of Brush! Façade Enhancement Grant Program.

What is a Façade Enhancement Grant Program? 
The City wishes to encourage and support building and business owner investment in the upgrade of their existing building storefront. The Façade Enhancement Grant Program is a process where the City will provide a 50% matching grant to business or building owners who construct eligible improvements to the façades of their buildings up to a maximum award amount ranging from $500 to $5000 depending on the category of work being done. The building or business owner who has funded the majority of the improvements must apply for and be approved in order to receive the 50% matching grant. 

The following provides the program’s criteria for eligibility and the approval process.

Eligible Properties and Applicants
All commercially operated buildings within the City limits are eligible for the Façade Enhancement Grant Program. Multiple grants can be awarded per building within a five-year period however the cumulative maximum award is $6000 every five years per property. Any building with a zoning or building code violation is not eligible for the program. All bills, charges, or taxes due to the City of Brush! must be current. Any commercial building owner, or business owner with building owner authorization, may apply for the grant. Grant funds are dispersed on a reimbursement basis once the completed work has been verified by City staff as compliant with the plans in the approved application. Any deviation from the approved grant project may result in the total or partial withdrawal of the grant. An ‘After’ picture and receipts for the finished work must be submitted within 45 days of project completion for reimbursement.

Eligible Improvements
Any exterior portion of a building that is visible to the public is eligible. This can include the front, back, and sides of the primary building, exterior doors, windows, and repair or replacement of masonry or any other decorative elements that are an integral part of the façade. The first priority will be given to the building façades that face the street. 

Ineligible Improvements
Grants are not eligible for interior renovations, roof repair, or work covered by insurance.

Façade Enhancement Grant Program Categories
Design Assistance

  • It is highly encouraged, though not required, to consult with Main Street Colorado for a design consultation as they offer the service for free.
  • Grants up to $500 (no match required) for design services is provided. 


  • 50% matching grant up to $500.


  • 50% matching grant up to $500.


  • 50% matching grant up to $500.

General Façade Improvement

  • Maximum grant award up to $2500 (minimum of $8,000 in work is required to receive to the maximum award in this category).

Historic Character Enhancement

  • Improvements that provide historic rehabilitation or enhance the historic character of properties located within the Main Street District.

  • This category is reserved for projects that take a more restorative approach to face improvements.

  • Maximum grant award up to $5000 (minimum of $13,000 in work is required to receive the maximum award in this category).

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Community Development Department has discretion regarding if and what level they may choose to fund a project.

Applications Process

  1. Meet with a City or Chamber representative.

  2. Utilize a design service - coordinate with a City or Chamber representative.

  3. Prepare and submit a complete application with a ‘Before’ picture to the Chamber Design Committee or City Historic Preservation Board if pursuing Historic Character Enhancement.

  4. If approved by either the Chamber Design Committee or the City Historic Preservation Board, the application is then sent to City staff for final analysis, review, and approval.

  5. Upon completion of the review, City staff will provide a written response to the applicant outlining approval, approval with conditions, or denial of the application.

  6. After receipt of the written response, and should the application be approved, the project can now commence. 

  7. Applicants have three months to start work after approval or the application becomes null and void.

  8. Projects MUST be completed within 12 months of approval.

  9. Once work is completed, the applicant must submit an ‘After’ picture and final receipts/bills within 45 days of project completion.

  10. City staff inspects and verifies completed work.

  11. Should the final product be consistent with Committee/Board/Staff approvals, reimbursement of funds to the applicant will be authorized

The grant application and submittal requirements are included with this packet. If you have further questions regarding the Façade Enhancement Grant Program, the City of Brush!, Community Development Department can be reached at (970) 842-5001, or by email at rkeuroglian@brushcolo.com. Please direct communications to Rick Keuroglian, Assistant City Administrator/Community Development Director.