City Profile

crowdBrush! Colorado is a thriving community on the east side of a budding Morgan County. We have a great heritage, strong rural identity, good people; all of which is why we describe Brush! as Homegrown Happiness!

Like most communities in the west, Brush! was established for economic reasons. It had access to water, rich soil and a good climate to farm in. The famous cattle drive, the Texas Montana Trail, passed right through Brush! where the cowboys would stock up on supplies. Soon after, the railroad line chose Brush! as a destination to construct through. Ever since, Brush! has been a prime location to live and do business.

We have maintained much of our historic tradition, and continue primarily as an ag-based community. Our growth over the years has expanded in each direction, while we have nicely improved and maintained the rest of the town. In 2012 we completed a Governors Award winning downtown streetscape project which provided new attractive sidewalks, street lights, planters, pavers, as well as new water lines. Around town, we have six registered historical landmarks, downtown buildings whose structures date back to the early 1900's, and to keep our ties to our founding 'wild west' heritage, we continue to host the longest standing rodeo in Colorado.

Economic Growth has been substantial, not only in Brush! but in Morgan County as a whole. The population increased 22.6% from 1990-2000, from a population of 4,165 to 5,117. Though not as significant, there was still a 6.8% increase in 2000-2010, to 5,463. Brush! has been consistent with the growth in the County, where 1990-2000 saw a 23.8% increase, and 2000-2010 saw only a 3.6% increase, based on US Census data. Projections are a continued increase of the population in Brush!

Recent economic development activity has increased, making way for continual growth and expansion. Three industrial primary employers have been established in Brush within the past few years, new downtown businesses have opened up, and preparation is being made for commercial development and an industrial park, both right off Interstate 76. We were even awarded as the Small Community of the Year in 2014 by the Economic Development Council of Colorado and dubbed by the National Civic League as an All America City in 2014. Much of the success that has taken place because of the support and facilitation of the City with businesses.

Brush! residents enjoy the rural pace and charm, complete with a forward-thinking City that has made tremendous accomplishments in partnership within our community to establish Brush! as a great place to be. Amenities within the community are: 5 parks, a community swimming pool, an excellent 9-hole golf course, fishing, roller skating rink, wildlife areas, phenomenal recreation programs, and wonderful events to be a part of throughout the year. As we started off with, Brush! is Homegrown Happiness!