Loranda Packard
City Clerk


Liquor License
The Colorado Legislature has determined that the issuance and supervision of liquor licenses shall be closely regulated. Liquor Licensing Authority of the City of Brush!, Colorado, is the Brush City Council and City Clerk for all licenses issued within the City of Brush!, and is thus charged with carrying out these State-delegated duties. The procedure is designed to enhance the efficient, prompt and responsible performance of these important duties by the Liquor Licensing Authority. General information and forms are obtained from the Brush City Clerk. Obtaining a new license will generally take three to four months. Fees vary according to class of license and current legislation. To the right is an informational item for new liquor license as well as a fee schedule.
Mobile Home License
Mobile home shall be located in mobile home developments approved by the City. Application for a mobile home park permit shall be made in writing to the City Clerk. Annual operating permits shall expire on April 30th of each year. The application for such permit or renewal thereof shall be accompanied by an annual fee of $50 for the first twenty mobile home spaces or part thereof and $2.50 for each additional space in the existing or proposed mobile home park.
Amusement License
In accordance with Section 6-3-30 of the Brush Municipal Code, No operator shall use, operate, rent out, lease, display or cause to be displayed in any place within the City any coin operated amusement, pool table or music machine without an operator's license. Such license is issued by the City Clerk for an annual fee of $30 per machine. Gambling devices and video games, whether coin-operated or not, which are normally used for the purposes of gambling are prohibited.