Open Records Request

Open Requests Policy

If you are requesting records from the Police Department, go to our Police Records Request page.

Public Information Request
Please list specifically what documents you want reproduced and in what form. Allow three (3) working days for a search of the records. Per the State of Colorado Open Records Act (C.R.S. 24-72-203), if the request is substantially large, an extension of seven (7) working days is permitted. You will be notified prior to the three (3) days of any extension and all estimated costs.

Your Name:



Zip Code:



Detailed description of records requested:


Fee Schedule

 Copies  $.25 each 

A page is defined as one side of one page up to a paper size of
11” X 17”

 Certified Copies  $2.00 each  
 Research & Retrieval  After first hour, $25.00 per hour or portion thereof in 15-minute increments

 Information Transfer to Computer media

 $30.00 each May also include Research& Retrieval fees 
 Council meeting video or other DVD

 $30.00 each  Videos are maintained only 6 months after the meeting minutes are approved
 Budget book or other large publication

 Varies  Charge is based on City’s cost to produce the publication
 Postage& Packaging for mailing

 Varies  Actual cost will be assessed