Randy Mettlen
Building Inspector

Building Permit Requirements

The following will be need to provided for building projects:

New Construction – 2 sets of the following (a digital version will suffice as well):

General Project Information

  • Name, address, and phone number of building owner
  • Address and/or legal description of the subject property
  • Total value of the project (materials & labor)
  • Dollar amount of materials (excluding plumbing) that are from outside of Brush city limits.

Site Plan

  • An outline of the property lines with dimensions
  • An outline of the proposed structure
  • Distance from the proposed structure to the front, rear and side property lines (setbacks)
  • Distances between proposed building and any existing structures
  • All existing structures on the property
  • All streets adjacent to the property and street names
  • All easements and rights-of-way on the property
  • All existing and/or proposed driveways with length and width
  • North arrow

Complete construction drawings – the plans should provide sufficient detail and notes to show conformance with the applicable codes.  Information needed on the plans includes but is not limited to:

  • Foundation plan (Engineered foundation plans are required if building in the floodplain or on fill)
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Building sections
  • Appropriate details
  • Energy compliance calculations (i.e. COMcheck, REScheck, etc.)

Floodplain Development Permit – ‘No Rise Certification’ required for projects located within the Floodway.

Flood Elevation Certificate (Required if construction is in a Special Flood Hazard Zone.)  A total of three elevation certificates are required during the construction process:

  • One prior to obtaining your permit (Construction Drawings)
  • One at the time the foundation is constructed (Building Under Construction)
  • One after construction is complete (Finished Construction)

Design Criteria for structures in the City of Brush!:
Roof snow load 30 lb
Frost line depth 30”
Wind Speed 85 mph, Exposure “B”