Rick Keuroglian
Assistant City Administrator/ Community Development Director


Expanding our borders by bringing additional land into City limits is part of a growing community. Below are the steps and information about annexation.

  • Application Fee  $200 + publication fees
  • Land Use Application Form
  • Annexation Agreement
  • Annexation Petition
  • Annexation Map(s) (Prepared by a surveyor)

    • 2 Mylar copies
    • 2 full-size paper copies
    • PDF document of map
  • Legal description of area to be annexed in a Word document format (The surveyor can provide this)

Annexation Process

  1. Applicant submits a petition and four copies of the annexation map to Assistant City Administrator. (Application fee = $200 plus publication fees)
  2. Council adopts a resolution to initiate annexation proceedings

    • Find substantial compliance of an annexation petition
    • Set date, time & place for hearing – 30 to 60 days after date of resolution
  3. Publish notice of hearing – City Clerk publishes notice of hearing once a week for four weeks, the first publication at least 30 days prior to the hearing date
  4. Mail notices – at least 25 days prior to the hearing, the City Clerk sends by registered mail a copy of the published notice and a copy of the resolution and petition to

    • Board of County Commissioners (BOCC)
    • The County Attorney
    • Any special district or school district having territory within the area to be annexed

  5. Impact report (not required for areas 10 acres or less)

    • Report must be complete at least 25 days before the hearing
    • A copy of the report must be filed with the BOCC within 5 days thereafter

  6. Planning Commission review & recommendation
  7. Council hearing & 1st reading of ordinance

    • After the hearing, Council adopts a resolution setting its findings of fact and conclusions
    • After the resolution, Council introduces, reads, and approves for publication the ordinance

  8. Council 2nd reading of ordinance
  9. Original Annexation Ordinance and copy of the annexation map filed in the office of the City Clerk. One full-size paper copy for annexation file & one Mylar for the flat file.
  10. Once certified copy of the annexation ordinance and map (Mylar), filed for recording with the County Clerk & Recorder.