Rick Keuroglian
Assistant City Administrator/ Community Development Director

Special Use Permits

Some land uses are allowed, but subject to approval and conditions (as can be found in our Zoning District Use Table). Below is guidance and documentation that we will need for a Special Use Permit.

  • Application Fee $200
  • Land Use Form
  • Special Use Permit Request Form
  • Narrative Detailing Request
  • Additional Documentation

    • Site Plan
    • Photos
  • Copy of deed for subject property
  • List of property owners (with mailing addresses) within 300 feet of subject property (Obtain from Morgan County IT Department – 231 Ensign Street, Room 202, Fort Morgan)

Sec. 16-6-20. - Special uses.

  •  (a) A special use is a use allowed in a land use district only by special use permit approved by the City Council. A special use is a use which the City Council finds is essentially desirable to the community but the indiscriminate allowance of which within a district could cause traffic congestion, noise and general deleterious effects on the values, safety or health of the community. Therefore, the City Council considers each special use on an individual basis with emphasis on the conditions of the specific site and its environs and adequate and sufficient safeguards to lessen the impact of the use.
  • (b) An application for a special use permit shall be subject to those requirements designated by the Review Process Chart set forth in Section 16-3-20 of this Chapter and the Public Notice Requirements Chart set forth in Section 16-3-30 of this Chapter. The application shall be subject to those fees designated by the Fee Schedule set forth in Appendix 16-C to this Chapter.
  • (c) In considering an application for a special use permit, the City Council shall consider:

    • (1) The compatibility of the use with adjacent uses and adjacent land use districts, as applicable, including the use's potential traffic generation, noise, lighting, parking requirements and general deleterious effects on such adjacent uses and properties;
    • (2) Conformance with the Comprehensive Plan; and
    • (3) The applicant's history of land use compliance within the City.

  • (d) The City Council may impose conditions on a special use permit designed to lessen the adverse impacts, if any, of the special use, to protect the health, safety and welfare of City residents, and to ensure compliance with all other applicable provisions of this Chapter.
  • (e) A special use permit may be revoked by the City Council for failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions attached to such permit. Prior to revocation, the applicant shall be notified, in writing, of the City Council's consideration of the revocation at least ten (10) days prior to such consideration. Such notice may be personally served, mailed to the applicant's last known address by U.S. mail, first-class, or conspicuously posted on the property upon which the use is located. If notice is posted, such notice shall remain conspicuously posted on the property for at least five (5) of the ten (10) days preceding the City Council's consideration. When the City Council considers the revocation, the applicant may appear, present evidence on his or her own behalf and cross-examine any witnesses who testify in favor of revocation. If a special use permit is revoked, the City Council shall issue written notice of revocation within ten (10) days of the completion of its consideration thereof. Such notice may be served personally upon the applicant or mailed to his or her last known address by U.S. mail, first-class.
  • (f) At the time of permit issuance, the City Council may, in its discretion, specify that the length of the permit is one (1) of the terms provided below. In the absence of any specific findings or orders of City Council concerning the length of an approved special use permit application, the permit shall be deemed to be nontransferable and personal to the applicant. A special permit may:

    • (1) Be personal to the original applicant;
    • (2) Run with the original location for which the permit is approved; or
    • (3) Be otherwise transferable, upon such terms and conditions specified by the City Council.