50/50 Sidewalk Program

We recognize  that sidewalks will not remain in top condition forever (second law of thermodynamics), and whether a tree root has lifted a portion of it, conditions have caused it to break apart, or a variety of other reasons, it may need replacement. It is property owner's responsibility to  keep in good repair all sidewalks at their own expense (Article 2 Sec. 11-2-10(c)). However, the City of Brush! has a program to share the cost for public sidewalk replacement.  The criteria for the cost share is at least one of the three:

  • Sidewalk is currently not ADA compliant
  • Sidewalk is currently a safety hazard
  • Sidewalk is causing a drainage problem
The above will have to be verified by our Public Works Director, and once approved, three bids will have to be received from three different contractors for the work. Once received, consult with the PW Director on the bids, a contractor can then be selected, and once the job is completed, turn in the bids along with the invoice and the City will reimburse half of the cost. Contact Dale Colerick, Public Works Director, to ask about your public sidewalk project.