The City of Brush! collects household solid waste once a week on a rotating basis, depending on where you live in the City. Call City Hall to find out the day of the week your trash is collected and where the pickup site is or click on the link to the right of this page to view the map.

The rates for trash pick up are as follows:


  • Single family residence (attached or detached), up to three City-approved polykarts, $23.85 per month.
  • Duplex/Two-Family, $47.70 per month up to three City-approved poly-karts per unit.
  • Single family residences with an incidental commercial use thereto, $23.85 for three poly-karts plus $15.00 for up to two additional poly-karts.
Household waste can only be placed in City approved containers. We sell 96 gallon containers for $110 each. These poly karts have wheels and are especially designed for automated pickup. $30 down and $10 a month will get you one delivered right to your home.
If you are working on a project and need more space than a 96 gallon container, the City offers residents and businesses the option to rent a 3 Cubic Yard dumpster. The cost to rent the dumpster is $26.00 and each pick-up (dump) is $25.95. Rental dumpsters may only be rented for a maximum of two (2) months.


  • Up to two City-approved poly-karts per entity per week collection, $23.85 per month. Grandfathered two cubic yard dumpster, $22.75 per pickup; or three cubic yard dumpsters $25.95 per pick-up, each not to exceed five collections per week. Businesses shall contract with the City for the number of collections required. The City reserves the right to require the lease (or entity desired optional purchase) of an additional three cubic yard dumpster or to renegotiate the contracted number of collections.

  • Business consisting of manufacturing or industrial process, $22.75 per collection for grandfathered two cubic yard dumpster, and $25.95 per collection for three cubic yard dumpster.
Commercial and Industrial dumpster leasing:

  • Three cubic yard dumpsters owned and leased out by the City for the regular collection of commercial and industrial solid waste, $5.00 per month.
Special collections are possible by calling City Hall to pick up items that will not fit in polykarts.

Notes of interest for the public are the changes in fees for Special Collections. Charges for these items are as follows:

  1. Motor-Vehicles: $250 per unused, stripped, or abandoned automobile, payable prior to collection and accompanied by the certificate of title transferring ownership to the Morgan County Department of Solid Waste Management, plus labor and equipment time at established rate, minimum charge of one hour clock time each; other vehicles shall not be collected.
  2. Wet-Cell Batteries: $10 per battery.
  3. Tires: $10.00 per tire up to 16" rim or 10" by 22", $50 per off-road, and $300 for heavy equipment and tractor.
  4. Large Home Appliances (refrigerator excluding freon), air conditioners, furniture, mattresses: $25 per item plus labor and equipment time at established rate. Minimum charge of one hour clock time each.
  5. Dead animals: $10 per carcass weighing less than 100 pounds, no heavier accepted.
  6. Dumpster Rental: $26 per month for a 3 cubic yard dumpster, plus dumpster collection rate.
  7. Cardboard may be placed by container, not broken down.
For years 2021 & 2022 trash rates for residential, commercial, and industrial use will increase each year by the previous year's Denver-Boulder CPI rate and effective March 1st of each year.

Please contact City Hall at 970-842-5001 with any additional questions.