The fees, rules and regulations have been updated at the City campground

As a means to improve the City of Brush! Municipal Campground, and better the experience of travelers who stay there, City Council has adopted an ordinance that enhances the rules at the campground. In addition to the first night no longer being free, and the cost at $25/night, the following regulations are being enforced:
  • All users must complete registration permit and submit payment. Permit must be displayed and visible to city staff
  • Maximum standard stay in campground is 7 days in a 30 day period
  • Extended stay is permissible by prior approval. Call City of Brush Recreation Department
  • Speed limit in campground is 10 MPH
  • Animals must remain on leash at all times
  • No dumping of grey water or black waste on the ground
  • All vehicles must be in designated camp site
  • No go-carts, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers may be operated in campground
  • Max of 2 tents or 1 tent and one RV per campsite
  • Washing of vehicles and RVs is prohibited in campsite
  • No wet laundry may be dried or hung outside of trailer or tent.
  • Personal belongings (coolers, chairs, dog runs, ect.) must be stored in or under RV or trailer when not in use.
  • No open flame campfires
  • Camping only is specially designed camping apparatus (Motor homes, trailers, tents, campers and the like) no cars or pickups
  • If the police are called by management or another camper due to disruptive behavior the violator may be required to leave the campground immediately. No refund will be issued
The complete ordinance can be found here.
For more information on the campground, click here.