Message from the Mayor

I wanted to let residents know that things are as normal as they can be under the circumstances that we find ourselves in. The city is taking steps to ensure we are keeping our employees healthy by alternating schedules and allowing work from home in some cases, to limit contact. Essential services are still being provided by our crews. Overall, we are in good shape. We will continue to monitor CDC and State guidelines. One thing I would like to stress is that paper towels and flushable wipes do not go through the wastewater treatment system well and can cause problems with sewage backups in homes. Please use only toilet paper to keep our system running smoothly. I believe our residents are being calm but cautious in going about their business. Limiting activity and gatherings along with frequent hand washing are still good advice as we limit the spread of this illness. Putting off non-essential travel and trips will help all of us stay healthy. One thing I would ask of everyone is to help out our older residents with shopping needs. They may not ask for help and being in a higher risk group, may be afraid to go out. We don’t want them going without essential items such as medicine so let’s check up on them. A simple phone call limits the interaction to keep them safe while providing the information needed to help them. I have heard that the restaurants are being supported by the community in their take-out efforts and that is wonderful. All things considered the Brush community is doing as well as we can and continue to get through this unusual time.

Thank you for your patience with one another, and for your humanity to each other. Brush has always had a can-do attitude and we are once again showing the spirit it takes to get through tough times with determination and grace.