Message from the Mayor

The latest update shows Morgan County now with 22 cases of the virus. Our numbers are quite a bit higher than our neighboring counties to the east of us.  It is still very important that we lay low as much as we can to mitigate any further spread of the illness.  Please try to limit shopping to the smallest number of people you can.  Also wearing a mask is a good idea to further help in the goal of less transmission of the virus.  I have heard quite a few folks are doing projects at home and maybe a little organizing of things and I think that is a great idea.  If we use our time wisely and stay active we won’t feel so stir crazy as we get through these times.  Please continue to check up on folks that may need help and keep your families safe.  I have included the Northeast Colorado Health Dept website if you would like to track the number of cases in our region. 

Rick Bain 
Brush Mayor