Senior Community

Our senior community members are a very valuable part of who we are in Brush!. They clearly represent years of experience, wisdom gained, decades of investing and contributing to the success of the community we now enjoy as it is, and are the connection to the generation before us; the rest of us wouldn't be here without them!

Brush has two tremendous facilities for senior care: Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center and Sunset Manor, both of which provide the proper care and respect for our senior community.

Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center

122 Hospital Road
Brush, CO 80723
(970) 842-2861 / (800) 410-4170

Sunset Manor

2200 Edison Street
Brush, CO 80723
(970) 842-2825

Aladdin Assisted Living

428 Western Avenue
Brush, CO 80723
(970) 842-5463