shop_brush_first_logoShopping in Brush!

Brush! has more to offer than you probably know, and the variety continues to grow! From downtown stores to what's stretched out along Edison Street, and all of the jewels scattered across other parts of town, there is quite a selection for you the consumer to spend your time in.

In addition to understanding what Brush! has available to consumers, it's also important to understand the value of keeping those dollars circulating locally. Not only does the money from the City 3.6% sales tax go to help fund things like our fire department, having public parks, and a police department; but when that money is spent at a local store, that owner is much more likely to take that money and reinvest it locally. Things like paying employees with it (who live locally and now have money to also spend locally), support local fundraising efforts, purchase from local suppliers, etc. However, whenever our shopping is done outside of Brush!, that money spent, and all the local commonwealth benefits, have been given to another community. So be sure to shop Brush first!

Matt Gordon was here.