Brush Area Museum & Cultural Center Exhibits

The Museum Board, made up of volunteers, for the Brush Area Museum & Cultural Center has worked hard to maintain and develop displays for the museum. A tour of the museum includes a section on the history of Brush. Displays include a school room-ette, bedroom, kitchen and living room; a diorama, in miniature, portraying the City of Brush as it looked in the 1880’s, along with the early history of wagon trail days and trapping.
Artifacts include clothing from the Molly Brown House in Denver, along with an 1895 baby grand piano given to the Museum by the Molly Brown House and the skull of a mammoth currently on loan from the Museum of Science and Nature in Denver.

Military/Honor Room
museum3The newest exhibit in the museum belongs to the Honor Room (basement) and Military Room (Main Gallery). Although these two exhibits are on different floors, they work together to honor local veterans. Among the hundreds of items on display in the main gallery is an array of military uniforms from the turn of the 20th Century to the present. Museum volunteers are particularly proud of the World War I uniform (shown at right) that was donated by a woman from Aurora and just happens to have been worn by Brush High School Alum Robert Davis, who's name is one of many on a World War I memorial quilt (shown bottom right). This 86 year-old quilt honors many local residents who served in the U.S. military during World War I. The Military Room also features a variety of other artifacts, including military helmets, canteens, eating utensils and photos from the various wars.

The Honor Room in the basement is lined with photographs of many Brush-area veterans and information about their military contributions. Also honored in the room are six Colorado astronauts and information about their missions to space. For more information on the Military Exhibit, or to contribute, call O.J. Metzgar at 970-380-3443, Wes Clem at 970-768-7181.

Division of Wildlife Display
museum2The local Division of Wildlife office worked with the museum volunteers to develop a display that has information about the local habitat and the wildlife that abound in this area. The display, pictured at right, also has examples of the vegetation, along with birds that dwell in each type of habitat. This is a great display for children that are learning about wildlife in the area.

Horse Racing
museum4Horse racing in Brush was once a staple for the area. In 1949 a group of horseracing enthusiasts from the area organized their efforts to bring official racing to the community. Racing continued in the area for a number of years with an annual spring meet, until in 1965 the Racing Commission discontinued the meet to assign the ‘race days’ to a larger racetrack on the front range. Crowds at the meet often exceeded 3,500 people.

School Room-ette
museum5It is only fitting that there is a school room-ette display in the museum, considering it was once a school-house itself. This display is a smaller version of what the school room would have looked like back in the day.The picture on the right is the display as it is today.